Sheer Fashion Stockings Open Toe


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Style Sheer hosiery offers fashionable sheerness you can feel comfortable in,

making it ideal for dress and professional wear.



15–20mmHg Online

20–30mmHg 40-50mmHg, contact FootNurse to order. 

Features and Benefits

– Fashionable for professional and dress wear

– Consistent sheerness throughout the leg

– Double-covered inlay yarns provide comfort and allow product to easily glide on and off

– Comfortable Sensinnov® top band prevents slipping

– Cotton-lined gusset for pantyhose styles

Best Suited for

– Management of early stages of chronic venous disease

– Pre and post vein treatment with minimal edema

– Patients who prefer fashionable options

– Pregnancy

– Ideal for business or dress

Fibre Content

– 15–20, 20–30mmHg: 69% Nylon, 31% Spandex

(content can vary slightly by style)

– 30–40mmHg: 60% Nylon, 40% Spandex

(content can vary slightly by style)

– Latex free