Basic, Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care Thunder Bay

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Safety Protocol

All instruments used during each foot care session are sterilized to hospital standards using the  Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) guidelines, packaged in sets and  sealed for your protection. We use a 3 step verification process to ensure all instrumentation  remains sterile to the point of use. All surfaces and treatment areas are cleaned and disinfected  between clients to IPAC standards to eliminate cross-contamination risk.  


Quality health care coupled with exceptional standards of practice is our goal.

Foot Care Services

FootNurse provides quality, non-invasive, basic, advanced and diabetic foot care treatments as follows:

  • Foot health assessment
  • Trimming and filing of nails
  • Reduction of thickened nails
  • Ingrown nails
  • Corn and callus reduction
  • Fungal nail treatments
  • Padding to reduce foot pain as needed
  • Treatment of immediate concerns
  • Moisturizing foot rub
  • Health teaching
  • Wound assessment, referrals
  • Referrals and recommendations as needed
  • Footwear assessment and advice on proper footwear needs

Home Care Services

We come to you! We provide quality foot care in the comfort of your own home. In addition to  our hands-on foot care services, each home treatment consists of a custom care plan tailored to  each individual's needs, foot assessment, health teaching, and foot health recommendations.  

We also provide foot care services in hospitals and care facilities.

Hand Care

While medical manicures and pedicures focus on pampering, we take infection control  precautions that exceed those featured in most typical procedures. The staff who perform  medical fingernail care (medical mani) are trained nurses who respond to medical conditions  such as diabetes, thickened nails and fungal infections.  

A typical medical manicure will begin by checking nails and hands for injury and infection— trimming, reducing thickened nails if needed, filling and lotion application.  

 FootNurse provides: 

  • Fingernail trimming and filing


Compression Therapy

We offer a comprehensive compression therapy service that includes custom-made and ready-made compression stockings, compression sleeves, inelastic compression garments, including reduction kits, custom circular and flat knit stockings, lymph pumps and more.  

Simply put, our compression socks and stockings help to improve the circulation in your lower legs and feet. They are made of tight-fitting material that helps the blood vessels in your legs carry blood more efficiently back to your heart. 

Call us or click here to book with one of our experienced nurses to put you in the garment that is suited best for your lifestyle and compression needs.