ToeFx ClearToe Light Therapy Fungal Treatment

Treat toenail fungus painlessly!  

The ClearToe Therapy light is the only photo disinfection technology approved by Health  Canada for the treatment of toenail fungus (onychomycosis). Painless, totally safe and clinically 

proven to clear up yellow, crumbling nails. The clinical product is manufactured in Canada and  has been proven to clear up toenail fungus infections in 10-15 treatments, with no side effects and a proven success rate of 76%!

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What to expect from ClearToe Therapy:

BEFORE TREATMENTS: There is no need to pre-treat your toenails in any way. Bring a pair of clean, dark coloured socks to your appointments. Also bring a book, laptop or phone if you want to take advantage of the downtime while undergoing treatment. Your clinician may take some photos of your toenails to help measure progress.

DURING TREATMENTS: The clinician will file down the infected toenail/s. Next, the ClearToe Serum will be applied. The ClearToe Therapy Light will then be placed over the toenails.

The ClearToe serum works by binding to the fungal cells and staining them in a way that makes them vulnerable to destruction by light. The blue colour will fade after approximately 7 to 10 days. ToeFX studies showed that 80% of patients prefer a temporary blue colour to a yellow/ brown toenail infection. As the infection clears, less blue will be retained between visits, because there is less fungus to adhere to. Wearing nail polish is not recommended. However, if it must be applied, please remove it promptly (within 48 hours) to avoid creating a ‘moisture trap’ (fungus loves moisture!).

As toenail growth is quite slow, averaging 0.5mm per month, typically 8 to 12 treatments once every 2 weeks are required to see new growth of the toenail. More treatments may be required if the infection is severe or if there are other medical conditions.

BETWEEN TREATMENTS: Remember to adhere to lifestyle advice (launder towels and linens, wear clean socks every day and sterilize shoes, to name a few) and ask your clinician for information on how to care for your feet to prevent the growth and return of toenail fungus.

MAINTENANCE TREATMENTS: Once your toenails are clearing up, your clinician will likely recommend maintenance treatments every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid relapse.